Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
According to the Harvard Institute of Politics, we, as a party, need to work harder to earn the Youth Vote.

They make 8 main points:

  1. They are out there - despite the obvious truth that the baby boomer generation will continue to dominate the political arena, they do not have the sheer numbers to overwhelm the electorate.  The young voters do have the apathy to underwhelm the electorate.  That is where we can help.
  2. While they don't vote as much, they do vote - and they vote enough that winning the majority of the ones that vote can be enough to decide most elections.
  3. They act on their convictions - young voters are seeing their future played out before their eyes: the job market deteriorating , mismanaged combat that is being fought by their siblings and friends, the erosion of personal liberties; these are all very good reasons that they are involved.
  4. Their votes can be won - they are not predestined to vote for anyone with a (D) or a (G) after their name.  Good campaigning and kind, truthful attention can win their support and loyalty.
  5. Statistics show that he that ignores the youth loses the race.  It is that simple.
  6. Campaign labor 101: Get the youth vote.
  7. By reaching out early, long term loyalty is available - studies show that young people (anyone really, but this was focusing on young people) who votes for the same party three times in a row will remain loyal for life.
  8. They truly are the future - and helping them become more involved now will pay dividends for the country (more political participation = a better civil society) and the party (a stronger, better politically and civicly educated party).

That's about all I have to say.  I encourage you to read the report.  It is very well written and largely absent of jargon.

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