Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
So, the Huffington Post has weighed in.  I figure I can, too.

This will be short.

Let me be clear.  I do not like what the owners are doing.  I think they are playing dirty.

But I find it incredibly funny that the ultra liberals at Huffingpot jump up and down when unions are derided for striking.  But when owners care where their money is going, they are bad guys who are only after money.  Funny, last time I checked, the reason why the owners owned the teams (read "businesses") was to make money.  I am pretty sure that the players are playing at Gillette because of money.  Otherwise, no one would leave college early.

It is about money.

I think it is an unwise business decision.  They risk losing fans.  They risk losing assets (players).  They risking losing market share (TV slots).

But, Huffinglue, please be consistent.  If unions have a right to strike, owners have a right to lockout.

The end.

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