Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
Gallup Says Dems at 22 Year Low
Don't get too cocky, though. If you look, we're still well below our average for the same time period. We need to consolidate the gains we've made and look for more room to grow. How?
  1. Make good on our promises.  As a party, we need to make sure that if we promise something, we do it.  You and I need to make sure that the elected Republicans do what they said they would do.
  2. Make promises worth keeping, that we can keep. (in other words, stand on something, stop being wishy-washy)
  3. Invite growth. (Such as Young Republicans)
  4. Create opportunities through good legislation. (And removing un-needed, harmful and unConstitutional legislation)
  5. Be tech-savvy.  All other things being equal, Obama won by email, texts, Twitter and Facebook.
  6. Do this strongly at the local level. It will filter up from there., me, all of us...control the party. It isn't Michael Steele or Sarah Palin or Mitch McConnell who controls the party. It is you and I. If we are good citizens and where our Republican stripes proudly, people will be attracted to the party. And when we hold our elected officials to their word, our friends and families and neighbors and coworkers will see that we mean business.

We retake our country starting here. Now. Join the fight.

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