Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
I will be tweeting #stateoftheunion and updating FaceBook. Check it, yo. #sotu #gop #nhgop #tcot

Look for: Stimulus, science spending (in contrast to Bush), race to the top, green tech, Chile, Tucson, Afghanistan, healthcare. #sotu #tcot
What the teleprompter will say during the #sotu (was originally a shortened url)

Why isn't @SpeakerBoehner crying yet? For real, though. Love you, dude. Keep crying. You worked hard to get there from where you came.

#sotu is starting. I love this bad word for fecal matter!

#SOTU "Mr Speaker, The President's Cabinet"-wouldn't it be great if they came out dancing to "Be Our Guest"?! Yes, Ben. It would.

‎#sotu So. He will talk about Tunisia, but not Egypt. Interesting.

#sotu Boehner AND Biden both already look bored.

#sotu Over/Under on how dead-on he stays with the exact words of the text? I'm saying he misses no more than 5 words

Looking, looking. Oh, they're standing. We better, too. #sotu

‎"...can write year" Eventually. You and the GOP took too long. Now we have to wait for forms to come out #sotu

"In a single the way we live." He says as I tweet about him speaking.

POTUS so should have done a mid-century cultured Mass accent for Bobby Kennedy. Oh well. #sotu

Here comes Big Government helping us breathe. Al Gore invented the internet. #sotu

OOOOH. He missed one word! #sotu

Biofuels? the ones that have a carbon footprint larger than their benefit? Uhm. Stop subsidizing fuel that drives up food cost #sotu

By 2035? Nice promise. You won't be in office to be held accountable. #sotu

Race To The Top? The one that has the same math goals for fourth and fifth graders at my kids' school? #sotu

They raised their standards, but did learning increase? That is the question. Not attacking, pointing out. #sotu

Twitter has shut me down. Too many tweets. Hmpf

Here comes DREAM

Again. Promises that he will not be in office to be held accountable.

‎70,000 American jobs? How many Korean jobs are promised? #sotu

Biden just rubbed Boehner's arm after the part about ObamaCare.

Now he wants to work with GOP. Now he wants to get rid of the 1099 part of the law. READ THE BILL!!!!! BEFORE you pass it.

Spends more than it takes in. Why do I think that he will think that the solution is to take in more?

Eliminate whatever we can afford to honestly live without. How about the millions we spend on subsidizing Planned Parenthood?

‎"It's not about punishing their success (millionaires) it is about promoting America's success." And, uhm. Taking your hard-earned money.

‎"Then there’s my favorite example: the Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they’re in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them in when they’re in saltwater. And I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked." How about...Why is ANY government agency "in charge" of salmon?

VETO VETO VETO! I can get behind that! Veto all earmarks.

Please, President Obama, do not let Dennis and Katz and Boyd's deaths be in vain. Finish Afghanistan. #sotu

Dear Taliban, attack us in July. Love, Obama. #sotu

Dear Taliban, Please attack us in July, Love Obama.

"supports the democratic aspirations of all people" except for Afghanistan. Let them have corrupt elections. #sotu

Kudos to the Prez for putting it to the Universities. Stop hating on the military, jerk faces!

‎"And yet, as contentious and frustrating and messy as our democracy can sometimes be, I know there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on Earth."

Team America!

Is Boehner gonna cry at this?

And so it ends. Ups: unity and earmarks. Downs: retreating weakly on HealthCare while awkwardly drawing a line in the sand.

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