Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
I hope that every single Republican candidate for anything this election cycle, every conservative operative, every hired GOP gunslinger, every geek who is tired of Obama...everyone heads over to

What have they done right?  Almost everything.

The website is easy to sign up to.  I think I entered in less information for T-Paw than I did for Facebook.

Members are encouraged to return.  You can earn points and get badges.  Your percentile rank is listed at the top of the screen so you now how you're doing in comparison to the other activists out there.

It is very easy to link it to Facebook.  Many of the things you do ask you if you want to post it on Facebook after.  Easy, breezy, Cover Girl.

It is visually slick.  Not overly slick to the point that you wonder if everything was made from a money decision as opposed to aesthetics, but the perfect marriage of form and function.

What does it do unwell?

I still have not figured out how to link my Twitter account to the network.  It seems like it should be easy (there is a text box similar to the one that I linked Facebook with) but it has not happened for whatever reason.

Because of a poor response system (I didn't know what I had done had been successfully executed), I posted the same action on Facebook many times.

I maxed out my badges in a day.  It wasn't much.  Not anything more than I had done for two other candidates I like (note: as Chairman, I cannot endorse a candidate.  I was not Chairman when I was doing activism for these three candidates).  But after the one day of work, there was no more built-in incentive to do more.    But most ground-level activists will not and do not max out in one day.

All in all, there are improvements to be made (one that isn't a problem but could be enacted would be more interaction between activists), but this is exactly the type of framework that could make a good campaign great.

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