Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
We, New Hampshire Republicans, are united by our belief in God, individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, limited spending, limited taxes, economic opportunity, homeland security, compassion for the truly needy and our confidence in the strength of families, places of worship, communities and volunteerism.
  • United.
  • God.
  • Liberty.
  • Responsibility.
  • Limits.
  • Opportunity.
  • Security.
  • Compassion.
  • Family.
  • Community.
 United - We must be united.  We will not defeat the liberal agenda and bring freedom and prosperity back to our towns and state and nation without unity.

God - Only God can grant us liberty.  Without a Creator, our liberty is only given to us by a democratically elected tyrannical government.  Either right makes might; or might makes right.  Only God can grant liberty.

Liberty - Liberty is both the work and the result.  We can only have liberty by being vigilant and dutiful.

Responsibility - Without responsibility, liberty is meaningless.  We seek out and relish responsibility because the only other choices are anarchy (liberty without order) or tyranny (order without liberty).

Limits - Limits ensure that the people and the states trump the Republic.  Limits ensure that businesses and workers have more of a right to earn than the government does to tax.  Limits ensure that we speak English and Chinese and Dutch and German and French and Russian and Japanese and Pashto in America and live in peace.  Limits ensure liberty is free to grow.

Opportunity - Opportunity is the child of liberty and limits.  The freedom to pursue opportunities (as opposed to the "right" to be given opportunities) is tantamount to a free society.

Security - Liberty without security is simply the right to run away.  This is one of the few true powers of the federal government and it must be supported by all freedom loving people.

Compassion - Compassion for your fellow man must follow liberty, limits and opportunity.  There are needy people in the world.  We have a responsibility (there's that word again) to ensure that the truly needy among us receive that which they need to survive.

Family - Family is what it is all for.  Family provides the backbone of any society.  The nation that shuns the family, that ridicules the child will see ruin rained upon it within a matter of a couple generations.

Community - The groups of families that make up where we call home is our community.  We worship there, we play, work and volunteer there.  Without it we are neighbors by proximity only, not by brotherhood of man.

People often ask me, "Ben, if you are such a proponent of multiple parties, why are you a Republican?"  They assume that I must not agree with what the Republican Party stands for.

They are wrong.  I stand for the Republican Party.  I carry the platform in my heart.  I defend it with my words.  I promote it with my mind.  I feel it in my bones.

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