Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
1. Ron Paul
2. Mitt Romney
3. Gary Johnson
4. Chris Christie
5. Newt Gingrich

Them is the winners, ya'll.

It is widely known that Ron Paul's supporters flooded CPAC this weekend (as they have before and will again).  If you need any proof, look at who won the second draw.

1. Gary Johnson
2. Chris Christie
3. Mitt Romney
4. Ron Paul
5. Newt Gingrich/Michelle Bachmann in a tie

Gary Johnson is the very popular among Paulites.  Very much a libertarian, strong track record of smaller government and anti-GOP-establishment.  So, Ron Paul wins the first round with Gary Johnson in a distant third. In the second round, Gary Johnson wins strongly.  Without knowing for certain, one could hypothesize that the Paulites broke to Johnson after voting for Paul first.

Different Voters Result in Different Results

Another point to bring up is the fact that nearly 70% of the participants in the straw poll were Young Republicans.  As every body who pays attention to the GOP knows, 70% of participants being under 40 is at the very least an outlier.

When the primaries come, there will not be 70% of the vote going towards us youngins (unless we keep working at it).  The results will skew because of this.

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