Contoocook Valley Young Republicans
Tunisia and Egypt have a lot in common.  They both depend on tourism.  They both have quasi-democratic governments that were mostly liked by the citizenry until recently.  And they both have massive unemployment among young people; especially young, college-educated people.

When I got out of the Army, I tried to get a job.  I had spent years as a proven leader.  In the office and in the field, I had strong leadership credentials.  I would submit resumes left and right and always be told that I did not have the correct education requirements.  Even administrative assistant positions required at least an Associate's Degree.  As I looked more and more for jobs, I saw that more and more were asking for college education.

And then it hit me.  The government, in the form of the Department of Education in High Schools and Pell Grants, has been pushing college.  Please do not get me wrong.  I think there is a definite place for college.  Some trades are best learned in a collegiate setting.  At the time, though, the worst thing that I could see coming from this was really expensive mechanics.

Fast forward to the riots in North Africa.  They are rioting for a lot of reasons, but a very commonly cited tipping point is the lack of jobs for college educated young people.  Why are there so many college-educated young people?  The government subsidized their education.  There is an artificially high education floor in their economies.  When an artificially high education floor meets an unnaturally low employment ceiling, people get upset.

Is this where America is headed?
2/2/2011 10:35:58 am

The only thing dangerous is rhetoric like this. Education is the foundation of any nation, it's the reason America is the great country it is. Your blaming you not getting a job on too many educated people? That's easily the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The only "danger" education would be is to the republican party, because educated people know what a danger rhetoric like this is. Education DID NOT cause the protests(not riots until today when gov. forces were sent in to disrupt the peaceful demonstrators)in Egypt, years of oppression did. History shows the Egyptian people are peaceful and docile as a whole. Republicans claim they support our Constitution, but I can assure you the founding fathers would be disgusted with the GOP of today, your views are exactly what they were fighting against. I'm not saying democrats are any better, because they aren't, but I have read the Constitution more than once back to front and I promise you republicans have it backwards. Your service is very commendable, no doubt, service men and woman are some of the most important people to this great country, but your views are skewered and misguided.


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